Humanising the workplace, everywhere.

Welcome to the Mindful Business Alliance.

We are a boutique and agile company operating internationally, providing organisational development solutions that help companies improve their leadership and internal coaching capabilities.

Why invest in leadership and organisational development? When people focus on improving relationships at all levels of an organisation, trust, engagement, retention and loyalty will naturally improve.

We’ve discovered that the biggest gaps for organisational leaders are in listening, understanding, empathy and collaboration. These are the key skills needed to develop strong working relationships.

Working with leaders, high-potential employees and teams, we facilitate training and development programmes that lead to sustained behavioural change, increased self-awareness and understanding, and more effective leadership.


Transform your company’s culture and train internal organisational coaches.


Develop core competencies that create emotionally intelligent leaders.

Sales &
Customer Service

Shift your training to increase awareness and develop human-to-human skills.