Hamster wheels are for hamsters, not employees.

There are a lot of ways to lose employees
and all of them are expensive.

Happy Humans = Stronger Companies

Money doesn’t care about doing a good job.
People do.

Hosting retirement parties for micromanagement.

Mindful Business Alliance (MBA) is an international coaching, training, and consulting firm that helps organizations improve employee engagement, retention, and productivity. We specialize in working with senior-level managers and executives in multinational and Fortune 500 companies. We are best known for our commitment to Humanizing the Workplace Everywhere.

We have coached and trained leaders from organizations such as:


Problems We Solve

Over more than 15 years in the field, we have discovered that senior leaders face the same predictable problems …

… and Mindful Business Alliance has an innovative approach to solving those problems.

The Culture Monster

First, we have to address the Culture Monster

The Culture Monster is a force that develops in most organizations over time. An organization that discourages initiative, demonstrates a lack of vision, and implements counterproductive rules is the perfect breeding ground for The Culture Monster. People fear that if they speak honestly they will be punished, and low workplace morale creates disengaged and unproductive employees.

The Humanize Method

We created the Humanize Method to help companies overcome the Culture Monster.

The Humanize Method as 5 essential steps:

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