We Support Companies To

Train internal organizational coaches

Train executives and managers in coaching skills

Provide external executive coaching

Cascade a coaching culture throughout organizations

Coaching Improves Leadership and Performance

96% of organizations report seeing individual performance improve since coaching was introduced. Nearly as many (92%) also have seen improvements in leadership and management effectiveness.

Coaching counts. (2007). London: Chiumento Research Report. 

Many organizations are bringing a multi-pronged, coaching approach to their way of doing business.

Research and experience shows that coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop organizational leaders.

But it isn’t just providing an individual leader with a coach. It turns out that the skillset and mindset of coaching also makes leaders better in every way. In other words, a good leader is also a good coach.

The Mindful Business Alliance provides companies with a three-tiered approach to coaching:

  1. Train a pool of internal coaches.
  2. Train managers in coaching skills.
  3. Provide coaching services for executives.

We have experience working with companies in a variety of sectors, and we support our clients every step of the way, from participant selection and vetting, to coach matching and internal program marketing.