Four Key Values

Every organization needs to embrace these four key values.



People at all levels within the organization will need to devote time and focus to the Humanize Method. They will need to take time to connect and listen to one another. This cannot happen if they are perpetually panicking and fighting against a series of company-wide crises.


Key individuals in the organization will be needed to drive the Humanize Method from the inside and keep it on track. And the organization must be ready to invest resources to make the Initiative’s changes deep and lasting.



The Humanize Method requires everyone involved to engage in a process of self-discovery. People will be asked to challenge their thinking and assumptions and confront their blind spots. The best outcomes occur when people are willing to grow and organzations are committed to being ready for the business environment of the future.



This may seem obvious, but if you wish to Humanize the Workplace you have to care about humans. Too many organizations prioritize profits over people and eventually fail at both. Empirical research consistently shows that putting people first is good for business.