Your Culture Scorecard

ScoreCard 2

Use this form to assess how well your organization excels
in each Principle of the Humanize Method.

1 = Never | 2 = Rarely | 3 = Sometimes | 4 = Very Often | 5 = Always


When employees see an opportunity to improve something, they will take initiative to get it done.

Team members know they can make decisions in the moment that benefit customers and stakeholders.

Managers trust people to find their answers. They do not micromanage.


Our people know that their work is noticed and appreciated and that they are contributing to something that matters.

Our work environment is regularly upbeat and enjoyable.

Team members are willing to work harder to make sure the team succeeds.


People know that it’s okay to try something new because they will not be penalized for failing.

People in our organization regularly and habitually collaborate.

Cross-functional cooperation is high and teams work well together.


Our systems and processes give managers everything they need to keep people motivated.

Our people do not waste time on repetitive or inefficient tasks.

If our processes are outdated or inefficient we can easily change them.

Team members are empowered to override standard procedures in order to satisfy a customer or meet a deadline.


The key focus of our managers is growing people.

Our managers know how to combine organizational objectives with the development of individual team members.

Development conversations are mostly centered on the employee’s career objectives, not raises or bonuses.

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