Andrew Sheridan

Andrew brings more than 20 years of experience to the Mindful Business Alliance, having begun his career in the investment banking world. Leaving the industry in 2007, he embarked on in-depth study and research in the fields of social science, psychology, leadership and management theory. He also undertook extensive training as a professional coach.

His personal experience as an employee had a profound impact on him. Andrew was struck by how many people felt overlooked or unimportant in a fast-paced corporate environment.

“One thing seemed to stand out: It wasn’t as if most leaders truly believed that profits or results were more important than people. But it was certainly the experience that many seemed to be having as they endeavoured to succeed at work. Somehow, relationships didn’t seem to matter. And that just felt wrong.”

Fascinated about why people behave the way they do and how their environments influence their choices, Andrew found his way back into the corporate field – but this time, from the outside – with a quest to change the way organisations think about, and respond to, the needs of their most precious asset: The relationships they have with their people.

“We have to start with the relationship element. A leader can have the best manager-toolkit out there, but if they don’t know how to develop, and maintain good relationships, it simply won’t be sustainable.”

Today, Andrew has worked with a wide range of businesses and industries. He has coached senior leaders on their performance, personal impact and behaviour. He has helped teams to better understand how personalities influence relationship dynamics, and helped others develop effective communication skills that foster more rewarding work environments.

Andrew is a certified coach through both the International Coach Federation (PCC) and the Coaches Training Institute (CPCC). He is a Senior Corporate Faculty member of the Coaches Training Institute and a Past President of the Luxembourg Chapter of the International Coach Federation.

A British and Luxembourgish citizen, Andrew has lived and worked in Luxembourg, the UK, Asia, Germany and Australia. His upbringing in central Europe has shaped his strong interest in cultural diversity, and he is fluent in French and German.