Chuck Allen

With decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner in the field of Information Technology Chuck blends rational operational thinking with the coaching skill set to create an approach that is innovative, inspiring and practical.

Prior to his career in the world of coaching and training Chuck spent time in the trenches of public health education, journalism and IT consulting. His tech work was primarily based in the entertainment industry where he got to see up close the best and worst of business behaviors and organizational culture.

When Chuck discovered the tools of Professional Coaching he had the answer to the question that had been weighing on him for years: “How can we humanize the workplace – everywhere and for everyone?”

“People, teams, and entire organizations perform better when they invest in the fulfillment and well-being of everyone involved. But finding our way to those outcomes requires ongoing inquiry and conscious commitment. It also requires skills and mindsets that many people find challenging.”

Chuck has emerged as a leader and an expert in the field of Professional Coaching, working one-on-one with executives and entrepreneurs, as well as training business leaders in the coaching skillset. He also develops and conducts training programs for organizations committed to improving their leadership and their customer experience.

Chuck is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation (PCC) and Coaches Training Institute (CPCC). He has worked with a wide range of business leaders to improve both performance and satisfaction, with a special focus on communication and relationship skills that empower leadership and create a prosperous work environment.

Chuck maintains a passion for science and research and enjoys blending his coaching and training work with some of the cool discoveries from the fields of cognitive science and positive psychology. He has coached and trained leaders in fields ranging from non-profit to aerospace, medicine, technology, chemistry and civil service.

“I believe that cooperation and collaboration are the foundation of all highly functioning groups. It is essential for the individuals who comprise those groups to continually expand their capacity for empathy and curiosity. As coaches and leaders, it is our role to support individuals in developing their capacities for fulfilling participation and productive contribution in any system to which they belong.”

In addition to being a Senior Corporate Faculty member of the Coaches Training Institute, Chuck is a Creator/ Founder and Managing Partner of The Mindful Business Alliance, a Past President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICFLA) and an Executive Coach for the Executive MBA Program at Loyola Marymount University.